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Welcome to the Physical Education webpage.  I am very excited to spent this year with you and your children learning about being fit and healthy.  Learning and teaching about healthy lifestyles is my passion.  Getting paid to do it is just a bonus.  This year a goal and challenge of mine is to help the students learn what is required in the classroom while moving and having fun in P.E.   I am always open for suggestions on how to improve our physical education program.  Please call me at anytime for any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Tracy Gist

968-2133 office

970-5078 cell


Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) Days:

1.  For each day we can't meet together at school and you are home with family or at daycare, help others do chores appropriate for your age or younger.   

2.  If it is January or no later than February 15th, sign up for Kids Heart Challenge.  
3.  If it is a snow day, bundle up and Play in the Snow with your Family!!!
To prove your child completed this assignment, please copy or e-mail the age-appropriate chore page, check one or more chores completed, and write if you all got to play in the snow or not and sign the paper.