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All About Me! 

Hi!  I'm Jayme Wooten!  I've been teaching for ten years, and I am still learning a lot.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I have always said that I wanted to teach second grade at Pottsville... and here I am!  I have a wonderful husband named Charley for over ten years now.  He is a business teacher at Pottsville.  We have a precious little boy and a beautiful daughter  I enjoy singing at church, hanging out with my friends and family, relaxing at home, and reading Karen Kingsbury books! 

I have a big family, and spending time with them is important to me!  I have a brother and three little sisters (plus some "adopted" siblings) that I love to spend time with... they are the best!  My dad and step-mom really have their hands full with them... it's a good thing they have a lot of energy!!!  My mom and step-dad have moved away from me- which I'm really bummed about because my mom used to come and read "I'll Love You Forever" to my class.